Published by old tiger in the blog old tiger's Blog. Views: 165 of Rajasthan of my favorite cities in India..
it's called pink city because of the colour of lots of has a lot
of gates as entrance to the old part of town...and one can see camel
driven carts..just like that in the streets..and the Rajputs dresses are
so damned wear turbans of all kind of colours..woman wear
colourfil skirts,beads,nose rings,foot ankles first encounter with Jaipur
was the Railway Station of course..I took a room in a Tourist Bungalow..very cheap dormstyle meets always travellers in Jaipur..
it's a very touristy place...I went to see this famous Hawa Mahal(Palace of the Winds)built in pink sandstone..I climbed up the building via stairs on the
rear side..stunning view from the top..on Jaipur's bustling streets...
same day I visited City Palace..and the observatory..I did not understand
a shit of these constructions measuring azimuths,altitudes etc...
I'll put a you can read more about Jaipurs tourist attractions...
I took out 3 days for my visit 1 is described here..
day 2...I rented a bicycle and cycled the burning sun
towards Amber'll tell you later on about that...

P.S...And later on..this trip..on my return..
I met my future wife to be in New Delhi...and...
she was a Univ.professor for 15 JAIPUR
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