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Allahabad..was very hot..this place is known for amrood..'s very rich in vitamines..I was there in the season.. tastes inbetween like a pear/strawberrie
Allahabad is also know for the fact the Ganga+Yamuna rivers flow together has religious value as well..called the sangam=a great pilgrimage
point at the confluence of these 2 rivers.a mela=a pilgrimage where sometimes
millions of devotees gather..i'll try to get a link on khumb mela..
awww..I wish I could experience a khumb mela..lots of sanyasi'(holy men)
or sadhus like we say....are present..I've met a few in Varanasi..
they are stoned 24h/24h..very strange dudes sometimes!!
I recall Allahabad for being very hot...and for amrood
Will try to get you peeps some you'll get not bored
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