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I hope some peeps will take the big step to visit India..
a trip towards India needs to be prepared well in advance...
first question??when to go=good advice..try to plan your trip
between november to end of march..don't go during the rainy
monsoon season..or in the extreme heat from april-may-june..
how to go??the overland trip..is still possible between Europe
to New Delhi..but it's quite a hassle going through Iran..
I have no idea whether crossing through Afghanistan is safe..
I've done this road 4 times..means 2 return journeys..even in
these days..I'm talking about 1970's..it was no joke..
so...a plane journey..either from U.S.A,Europe..or anywhere..
first see to it you get yourself a visa for India..it's a 6 months
visa..you'll need some passport pictures..just contact your local
tourist office for India..I believe in New York+L.A.for the U.S.A..
London for the U.K etc...ask them ALL the questions you need
answered..visa's are usually issued without too much problems..
now..money...I always travelled cash..can be risky..
it's also advisable to take traveller's checks..either American Express
or Thomas Cook..your health??take in consideration to take some
malaria pills..when i travelled..I took anti typhoid and cholera shots..
take certainly anti diarrea medication along..as well as analgesics..
don't take too many medication along..the Indian pharmacies...
are very well stocked..they will get you something for any disease..
now...you got a plane ticket??a visa??chalk out your program first...
depending on HOW much time you got..India is a vast country..
I would certainly recommend a 1 month visit..you can see a lot..
2 months is better...and 3 months still better..but..just believe me..
if you go to India on first time basis..you'll get sick of it after 1 month..
you'll have to face overpopulation,beggars,heat,dust,travell hassles..
India is a culture shock..but that's what makes it so interesting..
you might hate India while you're there..but once back home..
you will treasure this life experience like never before...
also make sure WHAT kind of trip you wanna make..
you could classify it touristical or spiritual or anything else...
that's why you need to plan ahead..it saves you lot of troubles..
buy a good guide style Lonely Planet..now...I would recommend
a plane trip to New Delhi..the international airport is called Indira
Gandhi airport..the domestic airport is called Palam airport..
about ticket prices for the flight..no idea about the fares..
consult a good travell agency..and try to get a budget price..
I would also put into consideration an Indian airlines pass..
if you wanna travell by plane through India..maybe bit expensive..
but..comfortable..there are passes ranging for 15 to 21 days..
in the 90's..India got an airlines boom..nowadays..
you got Jet,Sahara or Deccan airlines...which are cheaper then
the Indian airlines fares..flying in India is an adventure..
service is good..in the 70's..I was travelling backpackers style..
later on..I flew..my sister inlaw was an airhostess for Indian Airlines
based in Calcutta..one day..thanks to her..I flew from Delhi towards
Calcutta..served in the plane by my own sister in law..great lady
she was...she died in a plane crash in 1991..my eyes are filled of tears..
one day..she arranged my return from Calcutta to New Delhi..
I was given a status of an honour guest..she knew the captain..
he was a Mumbai dude..co pilot was from U.P..so..I got the trip..
of my life..just after getting into the air..I was invited..
into the cockpit of this boeing 747..and I stayed there until landing..
it's amazing to see the technology..a lot of buttons on the panel..
the pilots..just put auto pilot..the plane flies itself..
and I can assure you..the view...from the front window of a plane..
offers you fantastic views of Indian landscapes below..
oh..I'm ranting..these are memories,you know...
i'll try to explain in a later posting about travelling to India..
or in India itself..feel FREE to put ANY questions here..
that's what this journal is for..for me it's part of my LIFE..
crazy Tiger
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