I thought the ad read " f R a t b o y"

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What a difference a letter makes ! I'm 48 and had my eyes examined not too long ago. Basically I need 1.5x magnification for reading. I have to look at labels on medications most of the day. So what I do now is I keep a magnifying glaass in the pocket of my scrubs shirt.
Magnifying glass on a computer, however, is something else entirely. When I try it I find I am looking at a locus of pixels that just is screaming to give me a headache. So I don't even attempt to sweat it.
I saw an ad on Craigslist for what I thought was a fratboy. As I read through it I noted that the person described himself as a "bear" and added that he was 325 pounds. Hmmm.... what college or university did he attend? When I went back to the title, I clearly noticed that I had overlooked the "R" making the word fatboy something that it was not.
Live and learn !
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