I Don't Know HOW They Do It

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Today I will be representing someone in a hearing. I had to perform this same task for the same person two weeks ago. I had to represent her with zeal and with heart-felt passion that a wrong needed to be righted. I did not feel any of this. The person I was representing was not owning up to the accusations made against her. I knew it and the supervisory powers that be knew it. Yet, I had to fight, fight, fight!
The only thing that swayed me towards the employee's side was the fact that her supervisor had referred to her as being unredeemable. It sounded as if she were banishing her to the eternal fires of hell. I thought the sound of the claim was a tad bit too high-and-mighty to my way of thinking.
I never wanted to have anything to do with law. I watch legal shows on television and--thankfully--I have never been called to serve on jury duty. I don't appreciate the adversarial positioning as this is off-putting and sometimes passionately vulgar.
Glad I wasn't forced to enter that line of work! I don't know how they do it day in and day out.
We met with the opposition and--to my shock--it was a favorable outcome. The girl was given 3 online courses to take (each about an hour long). She got to keep her job. A SLAP ON THE WRIST. I was thrilled. As she was handed the paper, she was asked if she had any questions.
She went into a tirade about the original hearing and of the names she was called. She told the supervisor that if she is called the 'B-word' she is not going to be all happy and smiles. I wanted to die! She was supposed to be grateful and thankful and instead she was pretty much telling them that no remediation would change anything about her.
Then she said, "I don't feel comfortable." No one knew what she meant. Maybe she was going to say that she wanted to leave the job. She later went on to say how uncomfortable she felt knowing that at any moment she could be fired. WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF THE EMPLOYED PEOPLE WHO AREN'T SUPPOSED TO YELL AND SWEAR AT CLIENTS IN THE NAME OF GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE.
I left her after that and hope I never have to see her face again!
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