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hi everybody the weather here is getting hot and I had to get on top of my roof to get my swamp cooler going and yes I did it barefoot and my new neighbor was watching me . And she asked if the roof was hot on my bare feet I said no my bare feet are use to it . And I notice she was barefoot and she said that the other day she saw me at Wal mart barefoot I said I’m always barefoot all year around. She ask even in the snow I said yes I use my snowblower and I’m barefoot . She said your feet must be tough I said a little she said that she wish she had tough bare feet . I said just go barefoot more like when you go to the store or to a fast food places or even a restaurant. Just go barefoot everywhere. She said when she saw me barefoot at Wal mart she took off her sandals and walk around barefoot but she was a little embarrassed . I said next time take someone with you to the store that goes barefoot too with you and that will help you feel more Secure . She asked if I would go with her I said yes if it’s ok with your husband or boyfriend she said she is single I said oh . Will next time you go anywhere and you want me to go with you barefoot I will . She said ok maybe tomorrow we go to Wal mart and walk around barefoot I said ok . And she walked back to her house and we will see what happens.everybody keep barefooting
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