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Will today was hot 100 degrees and the ground was hot as well. But that didn't stop me from walking barefoot and driving barefoot. I went to Wal-Mart barefoot and most of the people looked and ask me if the ground was to hot to be walking barefoot. I said it's not that bad and one lady said your bare feet must be tough real tough . I said yes but i have been barefoot for over 25years .And i even go barefoot in the winter as well. She also saw my toe ring and she said that looks real good on me. I thank her and as i was shopping she was talking and asking why i don't wear shoes or socks and i told her i have gout in both feet and i can't wear shoes or socks when my feet are the size of a cantaloupe. She said wow so i love being barefoot and having gout makes it hard to go in some places where bare feet are not allowed. But i show the manager a card from the state about medical condition or religious beliefs and being barefoot. And they mostly tell me that it's ok to be barefoot in there building. So after getting what i needed and she got what she needed. I notice that she had taken off her flip/flops and was barefoot. I could hear some people say look at those two they are barefoot. They must be married and they never seen husband and wife barefoot together at Wal-Mart at the same time. She smiled and ask if i was married i said no I'm not it's hard to find someone that is good with me being barefoot all year around. And she told me she is not married and it's great to be barefoot in Wal-Mart and feeling the cool floor under your bare feet. She said that now she is going to be barefoot more and she hopes that we meet again . I said yes that would be nice to have someone to go barefoot with . She ask me for my number and i gave my number to her and she gave me hers . It will be nice to have someone to walk and go to the store or movie's barefoot with. I hope i can find someone to spend the rest of my time with someone that loves to be barefoot as much as i am. Everybody keep barefooting.
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