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Today was a hot day and the cement was hot and i had a lot of people asking me if i can feel the heat on my bare feet. And i said yes but not as much as some people would feel. My bottoms of my bare feet are strong and it's a little hard to feel heat and the cold but i love going barefoot to where it's my lifestyle and it's a great lifestyle. And this year I'm seeing more people going barefoot and enjoying going barefoot. And a couple at Wal-Mart today ask me about the heat and if i have ever burn the bottoms of my bare feet. I said yes but i didn't know until someone told me that i had blisters on my bare feet. And when i look at them yes i did burn them but i notice that the burn skin got real tough and i can handle more extreme temperature. And the only thing that i like the most is that i don't have tan lines like other women and mens feet that i notice. I do have a tan line from my anklet and if i wear my toe ring i will get a tan line on my toe. But if i remove my toe ring for a day the tan line goes away. But i love when people look at my bare feet and some of the people that are looking at my say that i have really nice bare feet for a guy. And some people say that men shouldn't be barefoot all the time . When they ask me why I'm barefoot i tell them that i feel connected to the earth and i notice that my bare feet have gotten stronger and my balance is great. And when i go hiking or fishing and camping and hunting it feels great. But the greatest fun is getting my bare feet as black as i can get them. And i love hearing people say wow that guy's bare feet the bottoms are jet black and that's a turn on. And i love it the blacker the better. But my bare feet are stained it's hard to get them clean but i really like to keep my bare feet black. So i even had my Doctor say wow your bare feet are always black as can be . And it's nice to have a Doctor that is great and he doesn't mind me being barefoot in his office. Will everybody keep barefooting.
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