hitch hiking in Spain??difficult...

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After Castellon de la Plana it's not that big distance to Valencia..
but it took me damn long time to reach Valencia...it's a nice town..
I recall palm trees..looks real tropical..some nice parcs as well..
it did not do any sightseeing in this city..the rate of getting on..
with hitch hiking and covering distance...was real low..
I tried to get out of Valencia..but did not succeed..
I slept at a beach called playa de la Malvarossa..it was O.K..
during these days..I bet nowadays..it's not possible anymore??
Spanish people inland were bit suspicious about long haired hippies..
i guess now..that prejudice has gone too..in these little villages on
the Costa del Alcazar(regio north of Valencia)all folks hold a siesta
at noon..and the weather was really mild..I was hoping to reach at
least Benidorm next day..that's the Costa Blanca..very famous now
for mass tourism..late 60's..it was just a fishing village..
I'll try to get a good link on Valencia..hasta la vista...ahah..
P.S...Valencia is famous for paella(food)
What has made Valencia famous all over the world is the "Paella", a traditional fishermen meal that tourists now can find anywhere in Spain.

"Paella" is a rice course with typical Mediterranean ingredients..
tomatoes, vegetables, sea food and spices..
there are as many versions of the paella as local cooks!!!
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