Hippie Witch

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Hippie Witch meets Vampire


I believe we are all taught to think in a box. We never really have serious thoughts that are out of the box. Really thinking that vampires exist is thinking out of the box. A hippie witch is always having out of the box thoughts. If a hippie witch decided to prove that vampires exist, this is what would happen.
First off she would become single minded with the purpose to prove at least to herself that vampires exist. As she gets consumed by this thought the people in her life who only have in the box thoughts start to fade from her awareness. If she is at school her grades will suffer until she has to leave school. At home her parents will try to get her psycological help and maybe some kind of drug to get her mind thinking back in the box. But nothing seems to stop her single minded purpose.
She has to leave home and finds a job at Mickey D's flipping hamburgers and still gets rejected by the in the box thinking people around her. Then she finds herself on the side of the road some rainy night wondering why she is feeling so much pain when a car stops and the driver asks her if she wants a ride. She says no because there's no place to go, all the places are the same.
"Then come for a ride and dry off a little," replies the driver, who is very handsome and seems to have the obvious intention on his mind. But at this point it doesn't matter to the hippie witch and she gets in the car. They go to his apartment and she gets out of her wet cloths and is wearing only his bathrobe when they start to make love.
Then suddenly he is biting into her neck and drawing blood out of her body. As he drains more and more blood out of her, the angel of death starts to appear in her minds' eye and the pain of being alive starts to fade as the angel of death comes to take her away.
Meanwhile back in the mind of the vampire, he too sees the angel of death but to him she is not beautiful. He starts to feel all the fear and pain he's inflicted on others in his life as a vampire and is not ready to embrace her at this moment and so stops his feeding and rolls off of hippie witch in an attempt to stop his mental torment.
Hippie witch now realizes that the angel of death is going to leave without her and maybe getting laid, even with a vampire, may not be such a bad idea after all. Maybe he could learn to see her as a lover rather than somebody to feed off of. It seems like the same problem she's always had with men who weren't even vampires.
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