Have you ever loved a Michael before ?

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My questions sometimes lead the gentle reader to believe that I might have to have my head examined. I ask it because I don't believe that people come into our lives randomly... well, not the significant ones anyway. And on both the east and west coasts I have noticed that certain names keep appearing over-and-over again. Some of these choice names are Steven, Stephen, Michael, David, Joseph, Jeffrey, Marc, Mark... to name a few.
When you have a name like Duncan, you can more or less drop your middle and last names. It's like going through life with the nomenclature Cher, Liberace, Sting or Fabian.
So whenever a Michael pops up in my life I generally tend to treat him especially kindly. I have memories of being with a Michael who was and still is an important character in my life story.
There are other names that don't bode so well. The worst of them all are female names that start with the letter "J" or have the j-sound when the name begins with a "G" (e.g. Genevieve or Ginger). For me, it is a rarity for a J-woman to be a close part of my life.
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