Guess we will see what happens

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My wife has total control of my orgasms and I never try to influence her in any way in that regard, but when it comes to our daily tease sessions or a pee treat, I’m always begging for some action.

I never know for sure if I am pleasing her or she is just pleasing me, so for the month, I will stop my begging, and will only get a tease session or a pee treat when she offers. So yesterday morning, I was offered a pee treat, and after, I was hoping for a tease session, but no, she said get up and make breakfast.

Later in the day, she said “I’m getting my shower” that’s my cue to say “am I invited” but I said nothing to see what she was offering. After her shower, she came out of the bedroom to get me, and she gave me a wonderful tease session, that had me on the edge within minutes, and I wanted to cum so bad, but I’m always glad that she denies me and keeps me horny.

So far, I can’t complain, guess we will see what happens
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