Growing On

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Lost along the byWays
Asking those who pass by - "what shall I do"
the answer when it comes is hard to accept:
you Know the Way my brother but hide from it.
For never was it naught than Being......
Doing that which showed forth from inside
That which you Are, Were, Will, and Wish to Be.

Being true to Self - allways so simple
And the key, my brother, is the vulnerability -
For ever shall you fall,
Failing to reach quite so high as you desired;
And in the Open Wholeness of Knowing
You will rise and strive on again.

After lifetimes of Work
We begin to See
That the experiences we garner
Have indeed their purpose met.
We Grow Beyond what was,
And indeed This Is what it is all about,
To learn and Grow and Become
O so much More.

Back out of time and space
Even there it supports the Existence Of All
The Change that heralds
the birth and rebirth
Of the Self Becoming More.

And into the Beyond we ever go
So much More Now having Learned,
Letting experience show us the Way
For you and me to Be yet More.

Bless the Being

My Spirit bows to your Spirit (Namaste)
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