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Hi everybody today i had a friend call and ask what i qas doing and if i would like to have dinner at his place. I said yes and he asked if i will be barefoot i said like always he said good . He has a footfebish and he loves bare feet men and women. And he loves looking at my bare feet. He likes to rud my bare feet .Will when i got their he opended the door and said hi and he said nices toes. So we talked and ate and after we ate he askes me a question that i never had anyone ask before. I have had people ask me to suck my toes and rub my bare feet both men and women ask me more men then women. Will after dinner he asked if he could put gravey on my bare feet and lick the gravey off of my bare feet. I said really he said yes i asked him why he said he always wanted to suck gravey off of my toes . I said will it be warm gravey he said yes so i said ok and wow it felt good and when he suck my toes it felt great . And he just keeped licking and putting more gravey on my bare feet and he lick all the gravey off of my bare feet. He didn't care if they where dirty . So after all that we talked and then i left it was a night that i will not forget . I'm wondering if anyone has had something like that asked and done to them. I like to suck toes and shot cum all over someone toes and then lick my cum off of their toes. Will everybody keep barefooting .
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