Gor?e island(Dakar)

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We took some transport towards l'Embarcad?re..ferry for Gor?e..
got our return ticket..the crossing to the island took about 30 min..
busy with tourists...cool breeze..the Atlantic Ocean,you know..
this little island..is a MUST for Dakar visitors..first impression is its
calm serenity..bougainville flowers..little back alleys..I bet..it must be nice..
to live in this place..away from the hustle and bustle of Dakar town..
tourists flock to this place..to see the *Maison des Esclaves*
let me tell you all...I felt shame to listen to the guide explaining how
his black countryfolks..were captured..and kept here for trade..
human cattle..shipped out to be sold..to greedy white plantation owners,
I think it's outrageous..a black page in our history books..
this slave house dates from middle 1780's..they show you the cell like
dungeons..and a gate..where the slaves were put into the ships..
bound for no return ever to their home places..when we were visiting..
we met a group of black Americans..coming back to find out about their
roots..clicking away their camera's..maybe their bet bet grandfathers or
grandmothers were shipped out here..who knows??after this sad visit..
we did a walk around the island..it's simply great..no cars..no traffic..
the local inhabitants..live with the tourists..we met a teacher..
she showed us her classroom..and her pupils..my wife being a teacher
before in India..knew what a teacher feels..I didn't..the classroom..
was very primitive..but..they were teaching in there..that counts..
there are some hotels even on Gor?e..not cheap,I think..
a couple of musea,some restaurants,a mosque,a church,
some fort remnants,a small sandy beach as well..that's Gor?e..
I loved the peace and quiet about this place...
we returned to Dakar by the chaloupe=ferry..
and back to the luxury of Teranga..what a contrast,my friends...
some links for Gor?e island...for me..it's like visiting again...
next day..we planned a visit to a beach called N'gor island..
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