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God ain't out there
Some people think we're going to be saved - No Way
How can a child learn if the consequences are taken away
In each and every one of us God IS
In everything
IS Existence

What a strange co-dependent way
of thinking we're being taught aye ?
Eventually it can be seen
that we only our own victims be
When we take on that role

Try as we might
We cannot give away
Our own innate Powers
We but create each our own reality

God has always been within
The illusion was that we thought we were apart
A Part we are, of the Whole that IS

And here in this land of Becoming
We start to see the reason for the illusion
For to Be
All must Grow, Change, Vibrate
Or else cease to Be

Each increment along the Way
Can a mountain of a molehill be made
Or but become a springing gliding Step
Along the Path
To Be

Blessed Be

Yah Namaste
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