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This day..I went to Miramar beach..at 4kms.from Panjim..
took a bus..my plan was to go onto a ferry on the Mandovi river..
some Goan suggested me..to get up north from Panjim..
towards Calangute an Anjuna beaches..that's where the hippie
freaks were..I did not have the guts..neither the stamina..
to make that hot bus ride..in these days..let's say early 70's..
these beaches were famous..nowadays Anjuna still holds a weekly market..
bit of a flea hippie market..started in the early days...
it's full of bars...and nowadays rave parties...woohah..let's go??
swimming is possible at Miramar..mostly done by locals..or Indian
tourists..did not see a single foreigner there..I felt awkward again..
in India..one always get confronted into silly or awkward situations..
one gets so used to it after a while..in the beginning..it's biting..
on your teeth..I took a ferry ride over the Mandovi..
from Dona Paula..towards Marmagao and Vasco de Gama...
I went there..to find out..about my ticket reservation..
by train towards Bangalore...always better to do a reservation..
I liked the ferry ride..cooling experience really..full of local Goans..
I did not like Vasco de Gama..there was nothing special here..
booked my railway ticket..so..next day..goodbye to Goa..
Vasco de Gama was about 33kms.from Panjim..
train to Hubli..via Londa..trip of 10 hours from Vasco..
then change for the Bangalore train...another 10 hours train..
I went back to Panjim...and did not do anything special..
just was getting ready to attack that difficult train trip..

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