Garda lake-Verona-Venezia(Italy)

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So..I hitched towards the southern tip of Garda lake..
needed 2 rides to reach Verona..this is a touristical place..
it's know for Romeo and Juliet from Shakespeare..
the Adige river flows through means..
a few nice little bridges..which give character to the place..
pity..but I had no stay
I was going to stay 2 nights in the youth hostel of Venice..
I did hear so many things about this place..the canals etc..
I had to see's extremely touristic..millions a year...
even in the 70's..Venice was on the list for Italy tourists..
I came to a place called traffic stopped there..
took a bus towards Venice..first impression was great..
first got into tourist office for a map..very necessary..
sunny day..Piazza San Marco with its pigeons..
Venice is of course a city to walk through..I did that..
traffic goes by water taxi's called vaporetto...quite efficient..
I saw the Rialto from 16th century...
the Grand Canal gave such a powerful expression..
Venezia was quite expensive...I stayed in the Youth hostel...
one can only reach that place by boat..reasonable prices.. typical Italian as well..had a nice sphagetti somewhere..
followed by a cappucino(coffee)these little restaurants are worth
checking out...they are called trattoria's..but..a big but as well.. up the prices..I had a talk with the owner of one
of these trattoria's...he told me..there was soo much competition
between Venice caf? and restaurants
there is an island around Venice called Murano..famous for glass..
did not go there..The 2 days I stayed in Venice..were not even
enough to taste the marvells of this many tourists..
wanting to do a gondeliers boat ride on the Grand Canal..
it's expensive..but..I guess for honeymooners..very romantic..
little streets..shops..and all that water was magic..
I did not take that gondeliers boat ride..not for my pocket..
in the youth hostels one always meets Americans,British,
Germans was nice to talk to them..some of them..
did not believe me..saying I was going to India overland..
after plan was the Adriatic coast via Rimini..
down to Brindisi..ferry to Corfoe(Greece)
I'll try to get a good link on Venezia for you peeps...
and one more thing here..thanks..for visiting my gallery..
I believe Hippievixen who also got a journal here..
has been in Venice..I would like to hear her comments..

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