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I always dreamt about America..New booked..
a flight with Icelandair from Luxemburg to New York via Reykjavik..
this company gave good rates for nice day in august 1983..
we set off by train to Luxemburg city..then by bus to Findel airport..
we were in a good was a flight with a stopover in Iceland..
long flight to N.Y..I think it was 8 or 9 hours flying..
the transit in Reykjavik..was O.K..typical Scandinavian mood..
my wife bought one of these woollen sweaters..famous in Iceland..
it was extra luggage..she should have waited to buy this until our
return stopover of 3 nights in Reykjavik..but we didn't think..
my wife just saw this sweater...and she liked we bought it..
the flight Reykjavik to JFK was allright..funny airhostess accents
of Icelandic English...uhuh..reaching JFK..was bit confusing for us..
it's a huge wife got a niece living in Greenwich Village.. stay and food in wife's niece recieved us
at the terminal exit..she was living in Barrow street=not far from the
Hudson river,little Italy,Chinatown or Washington Square...
driving into New York city..seeing that skyline...the bridges etc..
was an experience I still treasure in my mind's impressive..
my wife's niece lived in a flat...we got our own key to get in...
because this lady was working..we got free time the next 4 days...
to discover Manhattan to full extent on our own...what an experience...
we made a walk to the Hudson that day..we were tired from the flight..
also..take in view the bloody time difference..jetlag etc...
I'll report you about my New York adventures...still recall it vividly..
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