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About Flam..I'm gonna put 2 postings..I got much to say about this place..
the train station Myrdal..gets a small side railway line called Flamsbana..
it's about 20kms.descent towards the Aurlandsfjord..spectacular..
all along there are very scenic views..few waterfalls as well..and tourists..
the waterfall Kjoss..is very much photographed..the train stops there for a
few minutes...around a place called Nali luvly view..lots of tunnels..
link for this scenic railway http://www.flaamsbana.no/eng/Index.html
we reached Flam..and went to the camping..we booked 2 nights..
the Youth hostel is at the camping itself..nice place...kitchen facilities..
so..we went to explore Flam..it's a very small village in fact..the railway
station serves as tourist information,post office,restaurant and souvenir
shop in the souvenir shop they sell these good warm Norvegian sweaters...
not cheap anyway..but good quality..the usual Norvegian troll figures are
sold as well..we went to the information office..and rented 2 mountain bikes..because we wanted to cycle around a bit...and also visit a museum
about flokllore kind of old houses like an open air museum..it was steep up
on a hill...and my wife could not manage it by mountainbike.....
we left the bikes at a house inbetween..and collected them back later on....
the museum is located up on a hill..there was a student girl there..
who gave us a good explanation about the buildings..mostly farmhouses..
with very old interior and typical Norvegian designs etc..nice girl she was..
after that we cycled back down to the campsite..
and took a T bone steak in the railway restaurant..not cheap..but O.K..next day..
a ferry boat trip to Gudvangen and back..which I can highly recommend...
via Norways smallest fjord=the Naeroyfjord...
I'll tell you peeps later about that trip..very nice outing..
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