Female led marriage

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These are excerpts from an interesting article I read about a female led marriage.

In a wife led marriage, the wife controls sex. Either she allows her husband to indicate an interest in sex, to which she responds positively or negatively, or she reserves the initiation of sex entirely to herself. In either case, the wife is the gate keeper of sex.

So every sexual encounter in a wife led marriage arrives at a point where the wife has been satisfied but the husband has not. This makes sense because there is virtually no risk of a healthy husband failing to orgasm during sexual intercourse whereas there is considerable risk that he might before the wife, thus depriving her and ending the intimacy.

But just as the wife decides when sex occurs, so does she decide how far it proceeds. In particular, she decides whether sex proceeds beyond her first orgasms. As a routine matter, the husband not only has no expectations about when or whether sex will happen but, as well, how far it will proceed when it does. As part of the transformation of the marriage, the wife may be scaling back her husband’s orgasms and, at the same time, increasing her own.

Well, let us suppose that you decide to allow your husband an average of one orgasm a week. At the same time, you might indulge yourself each night. That would result in a ratio of 7:1. These ratios, while interesting, are irrelevant. Once you pass beyond 5:1 there is really no longer any meaningful connection between your orgasms and his, they become entirely different matters: his are a strict matter of discipline, the exact frequency that brings about optimal adoration and obedience, while you can enjoy as many as you wish. In fact, the more sexual intimacy, the better for the marriage.
That might seem incredible but for the fact that as you become ever more proficient in exercising erotic power in your marriage, your husband begins to derive ever greater happiness from your satisfaction. This is so true, at least for me.
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