Entry 17: Music and the paranoid schizophrenic

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The guy I've been playing music with for the past handful of weeks is a paranoid schizophrenic. Needless to say, it's been hard getting much done. Now I don't know what to make of the guy. He calls me like a little child needing a friend to the point of harassing me. One day when I decided not to pick up just because I needed some alone time away from him I had like 15 calls. It was ridiculous. Everyone needs a friend but how far should one really go before it starts affecting you to the point where it hinders your own life? I've decided to give him one last try, I'll have to sit down and make things clear to him and if he can't listen to me I'll have to let go.

I want to continue playing music however. This guy has done that much for me. I had a bad experience many years ago that made me hang up my equipment. Parts of songs were stolen from me after I was mysteriously kicked out and now that group (last I heard) had played up on stage. My music, my feelings, my soul, but yet I was supposed to be forgiving to someone who couldn't communicate well and I got kicked out of my own band. Yes, oh yes, I did try to forgive. I still tried being friends with the guy-lead singer of the band and ex neighbor, school friend, best friend. But then I found out he said stuff behind my back about me and then I gave up. So go figure, friends, you can be one for years and still not know a thing about them.
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