Entry 13: beef jerky, acronym for Bible and other things.

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Well, what can I say is new now. Time moves on of course...that's always new and always moving. But to simplify it a bit, I got another free kitten. This one is female and named her Arwen from Lord of the Rings. She gets along well with Yoda. It's weird but this time my girlfriend had the dream about a cat and then that day we found a free kitten post at a store we went into. Those are always the best animals- is when they come to you.

Ahhh, now the beef jerky. Yes! I bought another dehydrator after my ex
ran off with the one I bought before and other things that were mine. I am trying to begin to formulate ideas on beginning my own business with it. Some time is yet to come with the idea but I'd like to pursue it since it gives me meaning, a purpose. And it smells REALLY GOOD while it's dehydrating.

Entry 13: 13. In the study of numbers, 13 is simplified to 4 which has been believed to be the God number. However...I've been having some really strange realizations/hypotheses about God and the Bible. Some have believed that BIBLE stands for Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth. However, last night when I couldn't sleep there were other acronym's running through my mind about it like one of them was Believe In Beelzebub's Little Earth, and Basic Instructions: Believe Lying Ebb's. I have a couple more written down at home but it really made me start thinking about how God became and even who God really is. I know my journal is public so I say to you who read this far, my intention is not to offend, every person has their own beliefs, to each his own, let bygones be bygones. My belief is to question all forms of authority, to search, to find meaning, to set aside what the mass population believes is a way of life and find a deeper truth, meaning or facts. And I have found that even the smallest things have great significance and the largest things have the smallest meanings. Hell, life is just crazy if you think about it...like a mental disease. Ehh, now I'm babbling, I'm off to do other things now.
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