Enter The Looking Glass

Published by StellarCoon in the blog Das Draz. Views: 559

At the end of a long busy day, after noticing everything at home had gone completely silent and everyone was in bed, I realized I myself was feeling quite burnt out and decided it would probably be best to get some sleep. As I lied in bed, eyes shut, expecting an easy rest, I discovered my mind was still whizzing back and forth at 250 miles per hour. I pull out Lewis Carroll's Through The Looking Glass, which I'd just about finished, from the bed shelf to pass the time. Finally, after 6 or 7 pages, I begin to doze off and subsequently return the book back atop the shelf. As my consciousness slipped away, I reminisced about the fight between the Lion and Unicorn who were fiercely competing for the White King's crown.

And surely enough there I was! Inside a dream, dreaming about a story of dreams. In a enormous green field, amidst a legion of chessboard soldiers geared for battle, and other odd characters, nonchalantly enjoying tea, buttered bread, and cake, not the least bit worried that everything seemed a bit(or rather completely) out of place!

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