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From Lillehammer by train to Elverum..I recall as a very nice trip..
this part of Norway is not visited much by foreign tourists..
it's called Osterdalen..a river runs through called Glomma..
it's rural Norway..bordering Sweden..lots of woods..true nature..
we went to Elverum for 2 reasons..first one was that we wanted to see
a part of Norway..away from the tourist usual tracks..secondly..
because..there were 2 fine musea worthwhile visiting concerning nature..
we went to see the Norsk skogmuseum=about forests...
it was very educative..to learn about trees,nature..and the use of the forest..
not necessarily for cutting down trees for furniture purpose..
but also the preserving of woods,trees,art=wood carvings..anything..
it's all displayed so well in this museum..
we spent some time in there..it was a sunny day in august..
after that we went to visit another open air museum...which is connected
via a bridge from the Skogsmuseum..they are next to each other..
it's a delight to see the interior houses of the Glomma regio..
we went inside these old houses..it smelled to ancient history...
after all this walking...we went to the railway station again..
and took that train again to Lillehammer...reaching Lillehammer station...
was like our home..nice youth hostel..bit expensive though..
we could see the trains departing from our bedroom window..
next morning..train towards Honefoss..change train direction Bergen...
and in Al(Halingdal)I was gonna see my ex girl friend again..
after 23 bloody years..I recall her in early 70's...damn..I had a crush..

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