Eating Reality

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So I am just getting drunk as usual, tryin to have a little fun, and suddenly: WHAM!!! Young chick in Philippines is in my face with her real-life problems that I have no way of fixing!!!

And I just wanted to relax after a long day and have fun, but this chick is not letting me do that...

Cuz suddenly it is all about REAL LIFE, and what SHE NEEDS to escape her situation of poverty and domestic abuse.

And: I am drunk. See? :)

This would be a challenging conversation even if I were cold sober.

Cuz: What am I gonna tell her?

"I will pay your way to the USA and marry you and raise your illegitimate kid and make you happy for the rest of your life because we are both so special."


And so: What should I do with all the OTHER hard-luck cases who want me to save THEM as well???

So what do you suppose I did?

What would YOU have done?

So I will tell you what I did: I found a website for Philippines social services and sent it to her.

I mean hell...I don't even know if I can save MYSELF, let alone some lost waifs in third-world countries...

Nowadays, EVERYBODY has a fucking iPhone. Innit? The most lost, primitive people in the world have an iPhone now. And they can insinuate themselves into our facebook friends lists, and confront us with their abject misery any time they want!!!

So this shit is no longer just a sterilized news article anymore. It has become up-front and personal.

If you have leftover food from dinner, you can now find a website where you can donate that food to the starving children of wherever.

And all I wanted to do was relax and post drunken bullshit to my heart's content until I slipped into oblivion for the night. :) Can't do that shit anymore, tho, can I?

The Interwebz are a techno-preview of the spiritual consciousness tho, innit?

Dear Spirit Guide Deanna already has eyes and ears on all this shit. She has mental telepathy on the suffering of the world. She is never free from it.

So then...why should I expect to be free? See?

No, see...the path of deepening awareness is also the path of knowing more and more about the suffering of our fellow humans.

The spirits have been sheltering me somewhat from the pain of this knowledge so far.

However they are now starting to give me glimpses.

If I could, I would fucking save this girl in Philippines. It is just that every soul that suffers has a spiritual path to travel, and a spiritual reason for traveling that path. I am not here to save anybody...I am here to help if and when I can.

That is all I can do...and so I will try to do it as best I can.
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