Drip and Chill

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What the fuck!
This has got to be the most ridiculous thing that has been brought to my attention for a long time!

Apparently, those who have too much money and time on their hands have taken to this new craze. It involves hiring a "specialist" or going to a clinic where, depending on your lifestyle, diet etc. a tailor made cocktail of vitamins will be given via an IV while you sit and relax. Obviously with a glass of your prefered beverage.

Get a life people! You get all the vitamins you need in a healthy diet!

Would you be so keen to take a leap off of a tall building if it was suddenly "the thing to do"? Probably, if it cost the right obscene amount of money to participate and clearly if one could be seen doing it! Bragging rights and all that!

Why do people buy into all this shit?
Why, if you are rich and/or privileged do you need to continually flaunt it?
Why do "normal" people feel the need to emulate these idiots?

Answers anyone?
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