Dreaming about eggs... and sex

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Here I am a typical GWM living and working around the urban sprawl of the GREATER Los Angeles area and what do you think happened during dream time the other night? I had a dream that my 20 hens had laid eggs all over the back yard. It was a joyous/joyful day of egg hunting. Brown eggs, white eggs, Easter eggs, chocolate eggs were all strewn about the hen house with the expected bird evacuation juices still on the shell.
What popped into my mind after that was stranger. I was giving a massage to a man who was completely mute. Didn't even moan or groan when I'd rub warm oils into his muscles. The process went on for about 30 minutes when--without even a knock at the door or a ring of the bell--in walks this elderly grandmother-type woman. She unzips her dress and lets it fall to the floor. She is completely naked. She lifts up the sheet and scoots herself in next to him. As soon as she is comfortable, she begins to yap. INCESSANTLY!
I guess she was making up for his mute behavior. Anyway, as the person performing service I guess I didn't feel it was appropriate for me to tell her to shut up. Fortunately, however, this aspect of the dream didn't last too long. The alarm went off in the middle of it :)
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