Diet And Exercise

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If you do a search with the words 'Diet and Exercise' you will be sent to an endless selection of plans, programs, apps, and journals. Becomes 10 years thinner on a six-week diet. 28-day fat-burning diet. Lose Weight Fast. is a webpage that shows you how to do the Russian twist; an exercise that's supposed to be good for reducing midsection weight.
What's most humiliating to me is when I answer the questions of these health questionnaires and the responses make some sort of acerbic commentary about one of the multiple choices that I had selected. For example, I picked a Jillian Michael website and one of the questions was What is your major obstacle to weight loss. I selected the choice Will Power. The reply to that is, "That's no excuse!"
I have struggled with my weight most of my life. I don't like being outdoors. I dislike the sun. I don't like to sweat. To make matters worse, when I was younger I had asthma. Working up a sweat exacerbated the condition. Rather than getting me excused from this in school, my mother turned a blind eye to this. She didn't want her child listed as having a handicap. So, I was the one who was picked last. Fortunately, no one would throw a ball towards me to catch or pass or move. Any idea how horrible it is to work parallel bars, or to climb ropes, or to jump over a gymnastic horse? It isn't pretty.
Well, that's my mini-rant for today.
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