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Ferry crossing Puttgarden-Rodby..takes only 1 hour..
got a ride directly to Copenhagen..via Nykobing-Koge.. a great place..met a French Canadian dude..
and 2 Norvegian chicks..we went into Tivoli's great..
Ann Sissel came from Kabelvag on the Lofoten islands..
nice chick...they were interrail backpackers..came from Greece..
we went to sleep in Christiania freestate..but didn't sleep much..
bit of boozing..i'll tell more about Christiania freestate later on..
so..Tivoli is a fun amusement,Ann Sissel,Gunn and Alex..
went in about 4 P/M..had food there..not so cheap..came out after
midnight..fireworks etc..I did like it...when you visit Tivoli..
from daylight into dark..because thousands of lights go on..
very colourful surroundings..will get a link..

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