Dear Goofball,

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I've liked you since the day I met you, and chased you through these dormroom halls.
I've liked you since that night we took a walk in the moonlight.
I've liked you since you kissed me softly in the elevators and said goodnight.
I've liked you since you looked at me with those big beautiful eyes.
I've liked you since you've been my friend.
I've liked you since you've hugged me and held me tight.
I've liked you for awhile.
I just wish you liked me the way I like you..
But I'll hold on and cherish our friendship, and wish you luck with all the girls.
Even though you've won me with your charms..and you claim you have none..oh well noone said that life was fair..


It'd really be nice to have a normal relationship. Hand holding, snuggles, cuddling..something that didn't involve me having to have sex with a guy in order for him to like me. Being able to just laugh and be happy. I kissed him back a non-sexual manner. The night he kissed me I had so many feelings running through me my mind was crazy and I wanted to kiss him back..with alittle more action..but I didn't. And I'm glad I didn't, because maybe I wouldn't have him as the friend I have today. It's really nice getting to know him as a person and friend. I doubt it'd go any farther. Although I still love kissing his cheek and making him blush..:)
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