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Czestochowa is South from Warzawa...direction Katowice..
Marian had an aunt who was a nun in a convent there...
we could sleep for free there..nice convent..the hospitability..
of the Polish people was simply place..
is famous for the black Madonna..which is to be seen..
in the monastery Jasna Gora..which is a real pilgrimage place..
Poles are very devout people..let me tell you about this Madonna..
we went very early time actually..because afterwards..
huge crowds gather..Poles and tourists...the Madonna is kept into a's a picture to which are miracles are attributed to..
the picture shows the Madonna with the child dates from
very ancient times..probably late 1300' looked more like an icon
to august..there's a big pilgrimage every's often very
difficult to see the picture then..when we were was O.K.
old devout Polish ladies on their knees crawling around the picture..
the monastery Jasna certainly worth a visit..a religious spirit..
is always in the air if you visit this place...we stayed 2 nights..
after that..we were gonna travell by train towards Krakow..
which is my favorite place of all the places we visited in Poland..
I'll try to get a link on the Black Madonna..

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