crossing into Spain(Costa Brava)

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Perpignan has got charm..I's bit of a mix..
of can feel here...that Spain is close by..
got a ride to around Le Boulou..I recall these typical trees...
don't know the name in English??I crossed the border..into Spain...
no problem these days..but hitch hiking in Spain..
was a nightmare..extremeley difficult to get a ride..
I did get a first glimpse of a ride to Figueras..
stood there for a long to Girona...and finally...
Barcelona..I did not do the Costa Brava coastline...
well known for Lloret de Mar nowadays..typical holiday resort..
on Barcelona town..I'm gonna dedicate another entry..
it's one of my favorite cities in the world actually...
I stayed 3 days in Barcelona..slept in Ciatudella parc..
safe enough..but third night..I slept in a building construction..
I thought..i was safe in there..until some guard...made his round..
he never would have found me..but his dog did...bwaah..
I had to move out the middle of the night..not funny..
anyway..that's part of travelling..gypsie style...
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