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Copenhagen..would not be complete without a visit to the*little Mermaid*
it's on Langelinie Kaj...legends tell that this *lille Havefrue=little Mermaid*
was a daughter of the king of the sea..
she exchanged her nice voice for the statue..
to win the heart of her her prince charming...
unfortunateley..he went away with someone else..
she died of sorrow from this..sad story really..
nowadays..this statue is a tourist attraction for million of tourists..
it's bit like the little piddling man=manneken Pis from Brussels..
fact is..sometimes..they vandalised this statue..beheaded her..
or even took it away..that's can a human soul do this??
the next thing we did was a visit to a museum called Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek
=a beautiful art collection..beautifully displayed interior..
which needed further investigation..not only Danish art..
but French and Degas,Monet,Van Gogh..we took our tea time there..
and the outlay of this museum even consisted of a wintergarden..
in the evening...we did a thing..which I will never forget..
we entered Tivoli gardens around 5 p.m..and we stayed in there..
until past midnight..we saw the going over from daylight to nigh time..
and thousands of electrical colourful bulbs..all cheerfull folks..a fun park..
so much to midnight there were fireworks..there were clowns,a theater performance,merry go rounds,Chinese pagode,flowerbeds full of tulips needs to be seen to be's really nice..
we took our food in Tivoli=a Yougoslavian dish..
with paprika and the whole stuff..bit hot...
I'll see for a link..for the mermaid..

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