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Yes, life is always what we make of it. Does not mean that we should not strive for more. To become so self satisfied with what one has and to desire no more, tends to lead to stagnation and decline of self. I have always felt the stimuli to become more than I am in every now I've ever been in. And for that I give thanks. Luckily for me, most of my focus has been on my interior life. The exterior, while important enough to maintain so that I do not feel distracted and the need to focus on it to survive as I might wish, as long as there is a modicum of space and a way to achieve a good focus on what I do consider important. As long as I can grow in awareness and learn interior peace and balance - I become happy and wish to open to more of the same - beyond where I have ever been into the Wholeness with the All so that my individual facet might be all that it can be. Because in becoming more whole there is such obvious connection to All, I wish to share that ecstasy and peace and balance with others who are like minded enough that they also wish to move into being more, and to also stimulate those who have not the same desire to See that therein comes the peace and joy and balance that they never find in the material.

And so I strive the more to open to that which takes me to that place of connection to all and striving to grow the all the more beyond what is now or has been on any level. For to think we cannot become more makes it so the struggle to become more has no meaning and complacency and eventually despair follow.

We can only take with us on our journey into the beyond that which does not depend upon the exterior material and which lives within our being as we have made it by becoming more progressively in every now.

May your life bring you joy and peace, and help you take yourself into that more beyond.

I enjoy sharing with you and our love has helped me grow - many thanks.

Fly High - True to Self.

Enjoy !


Life is an opportunity and becomes what we make of it.
May the Light of Love guide our Way.
Grow on,
Enjoy !
Peace Blessings
lobo duro (oldwolf) waysharer
hotmail address is nomadhermit
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