Color of Hyacinth

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Overtake the shore-lit glow of eternity
Transubstantiative* and incorporeal:
Cornucopia of Swan Song, Unsung except in memory
Cyphering the impermeable membrane through holographic codes
The Kingdom of Elohihohi; immovable............ ............ //or/and at best......... diurnal
Keys of misting eyes,
Paean of dust: tragedy of light, fecundity of life, implosive force of the beginning
If I can see you, then I am saved
Strings of hummingbird, sustaining stretched cordolette
Vociferous gestures of Cezanne,
stumbling with Proust in hand
or perhaps vicious Baudelaire
Without detection of your heavenly gift-crimson poet-
I would suffer in svelt intoxication,
Forever enclosed in Hyacinth
I would merely suffer the pain of abstraction,
I must be damned to the Inferno
Beatrice: Where is Your Path leading Me
Into the Garden or Beyond?
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