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so..I reached Coimbatore by train from Mettupalayam..
Coimbatore was known these days for cashew nuts..
I did not stay on here..took a direct bus towards Kerala..
not such an easy connection via Palghat-Trichur..
getting into Kerala state was a delight..
Kerala got in my opinion the best nature in the whole of India..
Assam later on proved to me it was second best..
the people speak a very funny language called Malayalam..
it's very quickly pronounced..a real tongue twister...ahah..
I recall 1 or 2 words...*nandi* meant thanks..and *dayavaayi*
meant please..usually these 2 words..when spoken sincereley..
bring you very far into this world..noticeable differences here
are less beggars..more tolerance towards religion,loveley woman
with jasmine flowers in their in *lunghi*=more like a
saronglike type of clothing..must be cooling in that heat..
politically Kerala went bit Marxist..I don't know about nowadays??
oh..reaching Ernakulam..twin city of Cochin..stayed 2 nights..
in retiring rooms railway station..I'm gonna do 2 or 3 postings..
on these twin's simply worthwhile..just go there..
Ernakulam is on the mainland..and is connected by ferries towards
Cochin,Willingdon Island,Mattancherry..first day..
let's say this posting..I will just relate about Ernakulam itself..
because i didn't take any was a bustling town..
train and railways...banks,restaurants,markets,temples,mosques..
somehow..I loved Cochin more..more of an island feeling..
islands have always touched my heart more then the mainland..
people think differently when surrounded by water...
Ernakulam was was working on my nerves..
got me some information on ferries towards Cochin..I did not visit
Willingdon island which lies inbetween Ernakulam-Cochin..
there are bridges..but I preferred a straight ferry to fort Cochin..
the Chinese fishing the harbour..popular photography..
I never took a's all grifted in my mind.. think..I would take a digital camera...woooahah..
in the evening..I went to one of these cheap restaurants..
I took myself some of that South Indian food..
idli..samosa..masala dosa..thali..rice..and chillies..
yummy..but hot...and no..I did not get the shits..
I'll try to get a link about Ernakulam..

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