Cloudy day

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It was a great day to be barefoot it was cloudy not to hot just right i went to the movies today at AMC theater and i went barefoot and the employees just looked at my bare feet and smiled. Some of the other customers looked at my bare feet and i saw two ladys take off their flip/flops and iheard one lady said now this is the way it should be. And the other said yes it is . They ask me if I'm always barefoot at the movies i said yes . And my friend said that i never wear shoes or socks and that was the way my lifestyle is . One lady said that she was surprised that i didn't tell them I'm a nudes . i said if i said that you wouldn't be talking to me they said yes they would. I said i also go naked when i can. They laught and said really i said yes when i go camping and riding my side by side on lady said she wants to go just to see if i do camp nude i said ok gave her my number to call me and we will see. Keep barefooting
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