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so..was gonna enter Rajasthan state again..
from Bhopal a train trip via Ujain-Ratlam...
the *qila*was bit of a distance from the railway station..
but.I felt like walking it..reached there huffing an puffing..
last stretch is rather uphill..this place got historical history..
clash between Rajputs-Moghuls here in the 1500's?
it's said that upon defeat lots of Rajputi women committed sati
means like a suicide India in earlier days..a widow..
would commit *sati*and jump on the cremation fire..
when her husband was cremated..this cruel practice was abolished
by the British..but still..upon recently in Rajasthan cases of sati
have been this *qila*looks rather impressiv..
it's a huge place took me a visit..
there are a few nice victory towers to be seen..
the whole fort is surrounded by walls..and about 7 entry gates..
in my opinion...this fort was quite a place to visit..
pity it was so scorching hot on top of that hillside...
I took a cycle ricksjah back to the railway station of Chittorgarh..
had some basic food in some food stall around the station..
some sabzee like phool gobee(cauliflower)with aloo(potatoes)
was gonna take a train to 8 hour trip..
I was gonna see Ruby back tomorrow..
it was december 1975..stayed 2 weeks in Jaipur again..
and then went together with Ruby to Assam..
to visit her was a 3 day train trip to upper Assam..
it's situated in Northeastern India..on the Burma-Chinese border..
if you ask me..long haul...and quite an experience for me..

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