Chiang Mai(Thailand)

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Today we got a conducted sighseeing tour by jeep..
we were 3 of,my wife and an Italian lady from Torino..
our guide was sitting in to the driver...
we first went to Doi Suthep=doi means hill or mountain..
I bet it was bit over12 kms..nice ride really..countryside...
there is a temple(wat)over there..which is really stunning..
because of the fact..there are around 300 steps to climb..
the sides..from top to bottom is a snake sculptured out(naga)
in very colourful green yellow..amazing..on top..after this climb..
this temple is really beautifully situated..with a wide view...
typical stupa's.and Budhhist meditations..prayer wheels etc...
oh this link here...just check it out..look at the pictures..
after this..we went bit into rougher visit a tribe..
called Meo..they are Hmong was sad to see..
the poverty..begging kids..older folks on opium??the whole tribal just a tourist trap..we were even offered opium..
and someone cutted a piece of glass..with a so called diamond??
it's a scam..don't fall into that..the women..were wearing..
very colourful dresses..these tribals like the Yao,Lisu,Karen etc..
probably got roots from Burma??golden triangle is very near..
it's Karen rebel country really...jungle tracks..drug traffic..
river cruises are popular tourist destinations..
we were offered an expensive price..
but we choose to visit Lamphun instead..
so..these Meo' their life in the hills..I bet tourism..
keeps them alive..the older peeps there...are all addicted..
to crude opium..they looked very unhealthy..drugs,you know??
after this visit..we headed for Borsang..they call it umbrella town..
it's amazing how lovely they can handpaint umbrella's...
we bought one...I'll see for a link with pictures..again..this place..
is a tourist trap..they show you handicrafts..lovely teak,rattan etc.. a price..oh..the currency in Thailand was bath..
divided into 100 satangs..the teak furniture..
oh my...great artwork really..but NOT for my pocket..
after this hectic day...which I remember very vividly..
we went to the hotel..had a good meal..
next day was free of choice..we picked bus..
about 30kms away from Chiang Mai..yip..temples again..

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