Cheap shots are stupid when REAL issues can be exposed

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First of all, I didn't care for Roy Moore when he pulled all that 10 Commandments bullshit. Government isn't about religion and yet, we get to see that so much. Especially here in Georgia where they only recently began to allow liquor stores to open on Sunday. The state representatives who were against it plainly stated that it was "against their faith". They fight liquor, which has only a minor role in biblical lore, but they look the other way on abortion which would seem like a core issue for them. Go figure.

For the record, humans have been aborting pregnancies for thousands of years, laws will never change that.

By the way, I was right about Trump in 2016. Now he's the president. I had high hopes for Obama, especially hoping he'd end the "racist" War on Drugs. He didn't. He also made us look as weak on the world stage as Jimmy Carter did with the Iran issue. During the hostage crisis, while Jimmy sat on his thumb, Ross Perot flew to Iran with a sack of cash and bribed the Iranians to keep the hostages out of the Iranian prisons and safely sequestered.

As I have said before, America needs an asshole in the top seat, not another weenie. And a LOT of people need to read up on impeachment so they can learn that it doesn't happen just because you don't like someone. You MUST have a congressional consensus. And that doesn't exist at the moment. So all this impeachment talk just looks stupid as do the loons who keep harping it up.

I still think Trump will get us into a war. I also think it will be decisive, but the blowback will reach American schools, malls and sports venues. Get ready for American rage folks, it's not going to be pretty. But by all means, keep poking the bear.

As for Roy Moore, dig up the REAL dirt, it's there. Distracting his shit with fake ass "rape" charges will only help him in the long run. He has REAL skeletons in the closet, just like the Clintons.
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