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So..Las Palmas de Gran Canaria..beautiful town..
palm trees..big beach boulevard..lots of tourists..
good weather..tropical vegetation..the Canarian Islands..
were already touristical in the early 704s...nowadays..
it's a tourist boom..lots of Germans in the 70's..
Las Palmas reminds me of a typical holiday destination..
the inland of this island....was undiscovered these days..
me and the Canadian guy went once outside Las Palmas..
to look for a a fruit plantation..but nope...
I had to stay 8 days on these islands..because my boat..
to Mauretania was going only on certain dates..
so..mostly we wandered around in Las Palmas..I recall..
the harbour..some German..took tourists on his boat..
for shark watching or the evenings..all rucksack
travellers gathered in town..I recall a French guy..
waiting for a job on a boat to go to Brazil..
food..was cheap..if you took measures not to indulge..
some tapas..a coffee..a day me and this Canadian
took a ferry to Tenerife..just a trip of 2 days..
capital is Santa Cruz de Tenerife..nice place..
but I prefer Gran Canaria..real nice place=Las Palmas..
the Canary Islands consists of Gran Canaria,Lanzarote,Tenerife,
Fuerteventura,La Palma and Hierro...and some smaller islands..
it would take time to visit all these..some islands have volcanic Gran Canaria lush vegetation..fruit plantations..
especially bananas..Tenerife and Gran Canaria are very tourist
minded..I recall my days in these islands as a good experience.. this link you will get an idea..of Las Palmas..
I recall Las Canteras beach vividly...we slept in a cave..
overlooking a was difficult to reach...but safe..
but the day was near that I was gonna take that boat..
towards mysterious Mauretania..I was wondering myself..
how it was gonna be..the boat..would take few days to reach..
La Gu?ra-Nouadhibou..we had a stop in Vila Cisneros..
I believe this place changed name..and is now called Dakhla?
more about this boat trip and Mauritania..later on...
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