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oh well..we set off for this bus trip for tourists..
called conducted sightseeing broher and his wife..
got the shock of their life..they NEVER saw misery in real form..
here it was whole afternoon..on this trip by bus..
we stopped at botanical gardens...nice banyan tree..
we went to Belur Marh,Kalighat..and to the lovely Jain temple..
called Pareshnath..what a display of baroque architecture...
we saw some other things as well.I don't recall...
in the evening we went to visit the extensive Calcutta bazar..
called New Market..near Lindsay street.more then 2000 shops..
so..beware for's a very interesting colourful place..
larer 1985..there was a big fire reported which destroyed lots
of the original bazar..but I went back there twice..the next day.
we were gonna fly to stay at my in laws place..
Assam=one of the most beautiful states I've seen in India what nature
is concerned..Kerala tops the list for me..more follows in later postings..

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