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So..breakfast in a Norvegian Youth hostel..means buffet..
cereals,different kinds of breads,curd,fruit juices,meat,cheese etc..
coffee or tea..whatever??it was all there..and it was good..
we took a trikk=tram from Sinsenkryset(Youth hostel)to railway station...
a walk down to the ferry point for Bygdoy island..I bet there was a bridge?
taking a bit more of an adventure..the breeze,you know?
reaching Bygdoy..we went to the Vikingship listen here..
this a must..standing in front of these ancient*drakkars*
called Oseberg and Gokstad..found somewhere near Oslo..
are treasures of an ancient seafarers past..the Vikings..well..
what more to say??go and see their craftmantship in this museum..
they date from the bloody 9th century..well..what can I say more??
then to stand in utter admiration of what these folks represented??
if you do Oslo..go and stand in front of these ancient ships..
it wil be something else..then a computer image..we often get pushed
into nowadays..anyway..we enjoyed this museum..I'll find a link..
the Norsk Folkesmuseum is again an open air museum..with old houses,
stavkirke=churches of wooden structure..without 1 nail in it..imagine??
this museum holds more then 150 old buildings,who take us back in time..
lots of farmhouses and their interiors outlay..old tools..
click English on this's displayed in Norvegian...
both these musea..were really worthwhile..and a high in our Norway visit..
these many other in the us..
there was a world..before the computer age..where we all..have to picture us...
in a bit of a different angle of ourselves..grasp??what I mean??
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