bus trip Istanbul-Tehran(Iran)

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Yes..nice big bus..reclining seats..2 drivers..long trip..
I was the only bloody foreigner on the whole bus...
all seats were not taken..gave us some space in the bus..
some passengers were going to Erzurum only..
I was thinking from Ankara there will be some folks getting on
for destination Tabriz or Tehran..few Istanbul passengers were
going to Iran..probably Iranians??now..Turkey..is a nice country..
once out of Istanbul..it's Asia...Izmit-Bolu-Ankara..nice scenery..
very much countryside..I loved these little Turkish villages..
far away from the madding city crowds..Ankara was first stop..
some food+drinking..just took some snacks..stocked up some
food..fruits...always good..Ankara bus station was a hustle bustle..
I believe next stop was gonna be Erzurum..that's Eastern Turkey..
Anatolia..known for rugged mountains..villages..conservative people..
stricly Muslim mentality over here..we drove Ankara-Sivas-Erzincan..
waww..that Turkish music...saz..you know..great..Erzurum..
don't recall much up till Iran..night,you know..fell asleep..
Iran border..is a stop...all formalities..take time.whole bus..
all passengers..passport/visa control..no hassles for me..
so..we entered Iran...i recall..condition of the roads..
MUCH better then Turkey..Tabriz..was reached..and Tehran..
had been there before..I loved that city..big boulevards..
nice bazaar..nice people..it was under the Shah then..
no ayatolla's or strict Muslim behaviour in the early 70's..
I knew a cheap hotel there..was gonna move in there..
for 2 days..then bus trip down to Zahedan..fucking train
to Pakistan again..took that one before..real adventure..
but travelling..was adventure..so what the fuck??
crazy tiger
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