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There are certain people who catch my attention. Something about them causes me to notice their presence. I have a tendency to perceive this phenomenon as their "aura's" catching my attention. Interestingly enough, I seem to draw some of these people, too. The hair salon I go to is one of such environments where this two-way phenomenon seem to occur repeatedly.

There was a stylist whose smile would light up the entire place. It was simply impossible not to notice her presence. Of course, as a customer, I wouldn't say anything as I had already picked my hairstylist and he had, in turn, chosen a different stylist as my colourist after trying a couple of stylists for the task over a few appointments. My colourist was fantastic, and she and I got along very well. But this one stylist with the smile, there was just something about her. Then my colourist had to transfer to a different branch. Guess who filled in the spot.

But it's interesting because, during this time, someone else was catching my attention as well. She somehow stood out, but ever so discreetly. Nevertheless, I noticed her warmth even before I interacted with her. Now, I am aware that the people I've mentioned have so far been both female, but bear with me. We'll get to the dudes in a moment because I definitely see their aura, or some sort of personal "glow" about them, as well. At any rate, guess who was chosen to assist my new colourist.

So, like I said, I do notice men's "glow" as well. In fact, my hairstylist is an older gentleman who appear confident without being intense. He is a chill guy, but he is an artist and he lets that fact show via his work. He actually reminds me of one of my old friends in that they both have their own unique ways of carrying themselves. Oddly enough, I'd first gone to a different branch to get my hair trimmed by someone who was even higher up than him. But fate is an interesting thing. For some reason, I ended up with my hairstylist at his branch.

Before he assigned a specific stylist to colour my hair, there were a couple of guys who would take the spot. One of them I don't really interact with very much, but there indeed was something charismatic about him. The other guy has always been very friendly(we still chat whenever I'm at the salon and we both have the time to), and in his case, the glow about him has intensified over the years. That sometimes happens where you have someone who might not have a very bright aura in the beginning, but as they gain valuable experiences, their glow becomes brighter.

Getting back to the stylist with the smile, sadly, she had to quit due to personal reasons. In fact, the other girl also ended up quitting as well. I still somewhat keep in touch with them both, however. The colouring spot was then taken over by someone else, a dude this time, but he is also quitting toward the end of this month, too. So, I went in just a few days ago to get my hair situation dealt with before my trip to my girlfriend's country. He coloured my hair one last time before his last day at the salon, and before I left, he introduced me to the person who would take over his spot after he left...............

Turns out, it is someone else I've been noticing, lol. She is one of the assistants who have yet to officially become a stylist, but there is something graceful about the way she carries herself. She actually assisted my last colourist with my hair once, and she had been very thoughtful and personable. Although, I hear that it was essentially my hairstylist, being the boss at the branch, who decided she'd be my next colourist. Prior to that, I'd been told one of the very first guys who dealt with my hair colours years ago would fill in the colouring spot. I would have been happy either way, but it's always nice to meet new people.

But these are people with positive, bright auras. The ones who project negative auras are an entirely different story altogether.
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