Breaking free of dis-ease....into Singing and Dancing

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It's so hard trying to make ends meet,
And with the situation of the world ...
Everything is getting darker and uglier;
And to top it off, now a cancer grows within.

And to heal, we know we must Change.
Change within as to how we perceive,
Change our outlook and inlook.
It is not enough to stop the old program,
We must insert a new to supercede the old.

Aspirations to help us find our Way ...
Even these too change as we Grow;
What once we wrote and and was oft repeated,
Yet now Changes as clarity Grows.

Within a Joy and Reverence Grows,
As no longer do we ask it done to us;
But Open our Being to All that Is.
Honoring our Connections with All
We find our Being is empowered from within.

Not that all changes at once,
But even when the old comes back
And we find the frustration and anger resurface,
Yet bubbles up from within an impetuous laughter
As we enjoy the little trials that before overcame.

And in the Doing , little at a time,
For what was cannot usually be at once undone;
We find not only a Great Joy rising from within,
But ripples moving out from this joy that must shine
And a Song comes to our lips as we Dance Along
...Opening the more ... Becoming.

And the fire so Grows
The earth trembles in anticipation
The winds move the tree to dance with us
As the tides rise yet higher.

And we find within that which is O so strong
That from this life to the next,
It comes with us.

And Awareness Grows and expands
And we Become more
Moving into Beyond.

And in the Doing
Others See and Hear
And yearn for that
To come to us from within
So that we might empower ourselfs
And Be
We can Be
In this Now

T'is up to us to make it Be
Let us join together to create anew
And the Joy overflow
And help all Grow.

This is how we make it Be
Honoring that which Is you and me
Blessings, Light, and Joy shine forth.

Our spirits Bow to each,
Recognizing the God Within
.... (Namaste)....

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