Bodh Gaya(Bihar)

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Patna-Gaya was a a bus in something..
they cramp people in like sardines into these local buses..
Bodh Gaya is very near to Gaya..another bus ride
in Bodh Gaya Buddha got enlightment..under the famous bodi tree..
nice place..lots of pilgrims from all over the world..
a few stupas to be seen as well as the Mahabodhi temple..
during this first visit of me in India I developed a liking for temples
also a Thai style temple..a Japanese Buddhist temple...well..
enough to fill up 2 days of visit..I visited Rajgir as well..
did not visit Nalanda..If i remember well??Rajgir is a small place where
important pilgrimage center for Buddhists and Jain religion..
I don't recall much of this place..exept a steep walk upon a hill..
to that Japanese Buddhist stupa...i'll try to find links..
Next stop from here..will be Calcutta...end destination of my first India trip..
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