Bobo-Ouagadougou(Upper Volta)

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so...I left Bobo..aww..I loved this place..
between Bobo and Ouaga came Koudougou...
don't remember much from this trip towards Ouaga..
Ouaga is the capital of Upper Volta..I guess..this country..
was never stable political..military coups??corruption...
the called Burkinab?s..were nice though..
I recall the climate as very hot..Ouaga was O.K...
the usual Grand March?(market)dominates the town...
it was a town with parallel running streets..
I stayed 1 night in a hotel..but I forgot the name..
lots of eateries as well..choice enough...
I took some cheap African rice/chicken dish(yassa)
I was gonna go towards Fada Ngourma-Kantchari..
and then into Niger..towards the capital Niamey...
Niger was a place..I rough travelling..
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