Blogging Without Words

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Well, this blog is clearly bullshit, innit? :D "Blogging without words???" :D

Blogging, like, REQUIRES words! Right!

So wtf is this bullshit I am herewith espousing, folk?

"All day long there is speaking, yet no word is ever spoken." - Roshi P Kapleau, The Three Pillars of Zen

So that's it! :) End of blog! :)

Oh, I know, you came here seeking entertainment, and you are not yet NEARLY satisfied, right? You want MORE WORDS...

So here is a little story. I know you like stories, right? :)

Years ago - in December of 2002, to be specific - I met my dear spirit guide Deanna for lunch at the Hilton Hotel restaurant across the street from where both of us worked.

We ate good food. She ordered a club sandwich, and ate it with a knife and fork, so as not to mar her perfect lipstick. I don't remember wtf I ate, cuz I was too entranced by her presence. See what a dweeb I am? :)

We talked of many things, some of them a TINY bit crazy, in some folks' view.

After getting back to my office, I emailed her and thanked her for talking to me so candidly. She thanked me also. Then I wrote her another email asking her to meet me outside during afternoon break at our usual meeting spot in front of her office building. She replied that she would like to do this.

At afternoon break time, I walked to the front of her building. She wasn't there yet.

So in my mind...telepathically...I asked her, "Are you coming out?"

In my mind...telepathically...she answered, "I'll be out soon. I need to talk to some people."

A couple minutes later she came out the door and walked to the corner of the alcove, saying, "I was in a meeting." She started lighting a cigarette.

I said to her out loud, "I talk to you in my mind. Do you hear me?"

She blew out cigarette smoke and nodded, saying out loud, "I was telling you I was coming out soon."


So: Which words were spoken, and which words were unspoken?

Based on this story: Is it possible to write a blog without writing or speaking words?

If such a blog could be written: Who would hear it?


Folks who already know the answers to these questions should keep silent. ;) But: You already know this.

Folks who don't know wtf I am talkin about will probably not answer anyway. But: I am not necessarily looking for answers, am I? :)

Holy shit...I say the weirdest shit sometimes, don't I?

This is the first blog I have posted here that did not first appear on my facebook timeline. Is this a sign of change in my life?

There is a blog on my facebook timeline that I might want to publish here also...maybe. We will see.

Here is an exercise for the student: Answer my question above without speaking. :)

If you do not know how to do this already, it might take you anywhere from a few years to a few lifetimes to accomplish it. No hurry though...the universe still has at LEAST a few billion more years of life in it. ;)
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